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IT Security Services

by NELPX Group

Current businesses are exposed to more dynamic threats. Technologies such as smartphones, social media applications, cloud and big data have thrown a massive challenge in front of protection strategies. It is easy to see why IT security has gotten more complicated than ever. The infiltration of these advanced technologies has added immense complexities to the security landscape. It is no surprise that today businesses are being driven towards more sophisticated security solutions to combat the risk of their enterprise data, without compromising the integrity of their intellectual property(IP).

IT Security Services

IT Security Services

Some of the security services options available to current businesses are as under

It is clear from the above IT security services that businesses must carve a path to deliver effective enterprise security risk management, along with situational awareness. For this businesses are turning towards solutions such as defense-in-depth strategies, monitoring, analysis and reporting.

Businesses may avail of Identity and Access Management services.

They might adopt Data Protection & Privacy.

There is a necessity for Cyber and Infrastructure Security for businesses.

They require Security Assurance.

They need assistance in Governance, Risk & Compliance

Expansion of Cloud-Based Security

We are seeing a rapid shift in the market place, where businesses are increasingly moving their technology infrastructure into the cloud. And hence we are seeing more and more businesses, adopting cloud-based security platforms. The evolution in cloud computing has enabled companies to utilize it, to undertake everyday business operations and activities.

Cyber Insurance

Owing to the prevailing IT threats in the marketplace, the need for cyber insurance has emerged. From small to large enterprises alike, corporations are taking preventive measures like cyber-insurance to safeguard themselves against threats like cyber extortion.

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