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NELPX IT Procurement Services

With the increasing competition among the companies, the working professionals’ scout for better and more cost-effective supplier options. There is no space for errors; this mandates the constructive utilization of time, efforts, and resources.

Lower this pressure on you and your employees by looking for potent suppliers with Nelpx; a provider of exceptional procurement services.

At Nelpx, we provide intensive support to our clients in comprehending and procurement of their requirements in a fast and fruitful manner. Our direct interaction with the suppliers makes our services highly effective and inexpensive when contrasted with other providers in the industry. We perform this to equip our clients with revolutionary net results in their business and this assists our clients by diminishing the requirement of adding a new supplier in their contact list. For large-scale projects, we opt for open-book pricing; this enables us to cut costs and deliver quality service/ product.

 NELPX IT Procurement Services
Subsequent functions for you

We harness the advantages of time and resource, and undertake the subsequent functions for you:


Get growing with Nelpx

We, at Nelpx, have a consolidated approach for assisting the businesses to evolve and strengthen their infrastructure and reach. We have attained the epitome of client gratification by creating a positive influence on their sales and purchasing by reducing the procurement cost.

Managed Services

We provide progressive outsourced procurement management to help the enterprises to get quick and impactful results. Our services are acclaimed to deliver excellent ROI with notable performance growth, productivity increase, and lasting connections with the suppliers.

Get growing with Nelpx

Plan of Action

Our team supports leading organizations to have a quick and effective transition through our services. We aim at providing them with enhanced reach, smoother functioning, and refined performance. Ranging from product designing to development, from planning to execution and improvement; our services have got your back during every phase of business growth.

What can we help you with?

Nelpx assists its clients by providing them with access to leverage the benefits of advanced IT solutions for availing better performance in their business. With ever-growing technology trends like IoT and AI, our prolific team continuously asses and calibrates ideal strategies for your business.

Why choose Nelpx?

Simplified Purchase Orders

Our procurement software provides direction to your staff throughout the purchase cycle; this enables notifications for favored services are products, and their offers and discounts.

Obtain Administration&Clarity

After enhancing the pre-approved spend, we can get you absolute visibility of the purchase and payment procedure; this will endow you with the power to ensure acquiescence.

Secured User Satisfaction

After getting your business support of our procurement services, you can create a contemporary experience for the users and employees equally.

Are Serviceable & Vigilant

Have a Great Performance History

Stay updated with changing trends

Display Transparency in Purchase Terms

Have got Worldwide Connections with suppliers

Made Ordering Process Rationalized

Simplify your functioning by undertaking procurement tasks