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Search Engine Marketing

In addition to search engine optimization, search engine marketing (SEM) is also an important factor in promoting a website for specific keywords.

Search engine marketing increases the traffic on your website and thus, more turnover. But unfortunately, mistakes often happen when setting up a campaign and these mistakes can become very costly. Therefore, it is very advisable to have an expert who knows SEM very well and can support you in the campaign creation.

Our SEM experts have together more than 16 years of experience in the SEA/SEM/SEO area and will be happy to advise you on an optimal search engine marketing campaign.

We also analyze and optimize your existing campaign and try to achieve a better effect for less campaign budget.

Search Engine Marketing

The NELPX SEM 5 points procedure:


Kick-Off (project meeting)

The NELPX specialists will discuss the procedure for the upcoming project with you and draw up an action plan.


Campaign Creation & NELPX Performance Optimization

The actual analysis, been performed and the campaign is preparing for creation and publication. At this point, many steps include that require consultation with you. For example, the budget, the target audience and the objective of the desired campaign. Of course, a question, on which platform should this campaign is broadcast?
NELPX Performance Optimization optimizes your campaign to the highest level with our specialist insider knowledge. Please understand that this approach is our trade secret


Actual analysis

The actual analysis is very important for such projects. Here we find out what the current status of your ongoing campaign is and If there is no campaign available, our team will carry out the analysis according to keywords and content suitable for your company.


Analytics & Report

The campaign is monitored, analyzed, optimized, and the results reported to you by our team of specialists over the entire duration of the campaign.


Project end

At the end of the project, you can expect a detailed presentation of the results achieved through this campaign.