We bring IT consulting to a completely different level. Let our experts advise you on all aspects of information technology and security and develop solutions together with us that are tailored to your company.

NELPX Software Distribution

Software Distribution Services

Reinforce your business by enabling a software distribution service by Nelpx; this will ease your business functioning to a greater extent. Our solution allows the business to grow and expand with secure and compatible software.

Nelpx is known for providing beneficial and productive services at cost-effective charges. Our impactful solutions will create a positive workspace and render greater sales and recognition to the business. Backed up by a team of skilled, qualified and expert professionals, we follow a structured process of evaluation then suggestion.

Apart from distributing and selling software programs from different developers, we also provide a better and inexpensive substitute for high-priced branded software. We are your ideal companions for advancing your business with high-tech IT services.


Nelpx innovation begins where other providers give in. We provide:

Other than making exotic software available, we also facilitate hardware supply; you have the power of selection with our long list of manufacturers and suppliers. We have an expansive network of associates; this allows us to get you the best software/ hardware from global platforms.

Speedy Exotic Software Procurement

Quick acquisition and delivery of IT software

Effective alternative solutions

Proficient Consulting team

Elective License Management service

Why choose Nelpx?

At Nelpx, we function to fulfil your IT services and software distribution demands inexpensively and provide all-inclusive support to the business processes. We integrate our skilled hands with your organization and employees, to ensure out and out progression.

With our hands-on approach, we provide you access to worldwide sources of necessary infrastructure requirements and best IT solutions.

Our software distribution solutions are appropriate for all; they are advised after analyzing the requirements and needs of a business.

Nelpx provides proper guidance and navigation through the transition step and ensures that all installations are appropriately placed for easing the usage.

Our services permit you to easily &precisely arrange the software on your business framework to ensure compliance with the best network.

We provide software solutions after proper analysis and through the methodical process to assure optimal results.

All software distribution solutions, provided by Nelpx, comply with the quality standards to ensure comprehensive client and consumer protection.

With our team of experienced Software Consultants, we devise and suggest effectual software distribution solutions for your business. Our specialist team inspects the requirements of the organization and then recommends software; based on the latest information technology services and constructive skillset. These solutions are made to reduce the efforts& resources placed by the organizations in planning, administering, and organizing.