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The modern search engine optimization

for Google, Bing and Yahoo, are the most important factors to make the company successful and sustainable. But what is SEO and what is it good for? We explain it to you briefly and concisely:

SEO – search engine optimization, is used to make your website appear in the top search engine rankings of Google, Bing or Yahoo, without your company being paid a large amount of money for this position.
A good professional search engine optimization is at the same time an “invest” into the future, thus making you spend less money on the paid advertisements.
Our team of SEO specialists will take care of you and your website and make sure that your website gets a notable success in search engine positioning.

The modern search engine optimization

NELPX "Modern SEO" Services:

Preparation, Analysis & Consulting

Preparation, Analysis & Consulting

Complete on Page & Off Page analysis of the website with a final report (*):

  • Find out in a detailed report, which Nelpx Seo ranking your website currently has. The report evaluates various factors such as source code quality, website speed and weight, server response times, mobile optimization and much more. Based on this analysis, consultation and/or optimization of the web page can take place and at last be improved.
  • With Off Page analysis, topics like ranking status in search engines, internal and external links, as well as meta information and their status in search engines, are evaluated.

Consulting & Training

  • If your company already has its own search engine optimization specialists/employees, Nelpx will provide you with high-quality advice and work closely with your employees to achieve the best possible results.
NELPX Software Distribution


On Page optimization:

  • Mobile-First indexing optimization
  • Source code optimization: Canonical HTML errors, Meta Robots errors, incorrect tracking codes, incorrect or unnecessary scripts and more.
  • CSS, JavaScript & HTML Optimization & Reduction
  • Time to First Byte (TTFB) Optimization: Reduce & optimize server response times
  • Time to Interactive (TTI) Optimization: Time at which the website is fully loaded and ready for use.
  • Optimize visible and invisible images
  • Check and activate gzip or deflate compression
  • Optimization of metadata of the individual web pages
  • Optimization of .htaccess and robots.txt
  • Checking and Deploying Browser Caching
  • Content Optimization
  • Training for Content Managers
  • Analysis and optimization of internal links
  • NELPX End-Optimization: These steps are trade secrets and cannot be published.