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Generous Donation to MBG

Generous Donation to MBG

procurement management service By nelpx

The MBG’s computer room has received an upgrade! Thanks to Nelpx, an internationally renowned software and IT company based in Weissach im Tal, the Max-Born-Gymnasium received a generous donation of 28 top-quality 24-inch screens. These will replace the old monitors in the PC room, which, at 19 inches, were significantly smaller and overdue for replacement. The computer rooms are where essential technical and scientific subjects, such as computer science and “Natural Science and Technology,” are taught. Even the youngest students are introduced to PC usage and the internet here. Thus, the larger screens are a welcome addition, especially since students often have to share a PC – plus, this saves the city around €4500 on new purchases.

On the other hand, Nelpx occasionally has returned items or surplus peripheral devices like monitors that would typically be scrapped. However, their website states, “We take environmental protection very seriously and strive to optimize all company processes for sustainability and environmental protection as much as possible.” As a result, the company has already donated almost 12,000 screens to hospitals and schools instead of discarding them. In this case, Nelpx reached out to the IUK of the city of Backnang to inquire whether MBG or other schools in Backnang had a need. The IUK then facilitated this generous donation, and the handover took place last week. Present at the event were Mayor Maximilian Friedrich, school principal Sonja Conrad, and Nelpx representatives Manjinder Kaur and Mandeep Singh. It’s a significant win for schools and the environment when top-notch IT components, in the spirit of sustainability, are offered for donation before being scrapped. Nelpx is leading by example!
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